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Do You Want To Sell Your House Fast
And With Only 1 Viewing?

Is Getting An Honest Price Important?

Let us make you a genuine offer for your property so
You can Move on Quickly!

Your Property Solution guarantees you a quick, reliable and stress free solution to selling your house so that you move on with your life. Every month we help people sell their property quickly with our tailored and personalised solutions including buying for cash. As part of the UK's largest private house buying network, we can assure you of speed while we save you time and money compared to using your local Estate Agent.

We guarantee to make you a genuine cash offer without delay or obligation with the agreement to sell usually within 7-14 days.

Your Property Solution offers you the following benefits:

House sale Genuine cash offer - gives you certainty of fast completion.
House sale We pay all legal fees - saving you money.
House sale No Estate Agent's Fees - saving you more money.
House sale We can buy property in any condition - no decoration or repairs.
House sale Tailored solutions- meeting your personal circumstances.
House sale Sale can be agreed quickly - moving at your convenience.
House sale Low or no equity not a problem - releasing you of your house burden.
House sale Only 1 viewing - no need for endless people to view your house.
House sale We can stop repossession - saving you stress and embarrassment.

We operate on a basis of honesty and integrity so when we sell your property for you, you can rest assured we'll do exactly what we say we'll do. You can even rent-back your house if you wish. We will not surprise you with any hidden charges or fees and we like to keep you involved in the process all the way along.

Don't let difficult circumstances rule you life, take action now. Either call our friendly and experienced consultants for a confidential chat now, or complete the offer form on the right hand side of the page and we'll call you shortly.

Your Property Solution : Who can we help ?

If you are facing repossession, you need to think carefully and wisely about your available solutions because repossession and the potential impacts of this may include you not being able to buy another home, a destroyed credit rating, and you and your family will be force to move. These are powerful long term impacts on your life and we do not want that to happen! read more...

At Your Property Solution we understand the pain that an ending relationship can cause and how difficult it is to try and get through your daily life with these new and difficult issues. read more

We at Your Property Solution have experienced the problems left by the loss of a loved one. In our experience, the problems around disposing of the property can feel like an anchor weighing you down at these difficult times. Even more so in the current economic climate! read more

Moving Abroad
If you have decided to move abroad, whether you are retiring to another country, moving with work, or just going home we wish your well with your future endeavours. read more

Moving Fast
Do you have a new job or perhaps another reason to move quickly and feel you're stuck in your house because you can't sell it? Do you want to move somewhere in the Sun?.
read more

Debt Management
We have a number of flexible options available to suit your needs. We may be able to provide a solution to your problems within days if you let us help. We are not an Estate Agent therefore You Will Benefit from other extensive personalised solutions that We Can Provide to you. read more